CVM Dashboard

Since 1987, almost 1 million adverse event reports have been collected on Veterinary Drugs and sent to FDA CVM. They are stored in a JSON file format on OPENFDA that is not user friendly for the general public and the animal health industry. 

Using Python and Tableau, I created a dashboard for the  Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA. The goal is to increase access data and increase transparency. The dashboard shows adverse event reports from a variety of species.  I started with downloading the data using the OPENFDA API and unzipping the files using python. I studied several dashboards and books on healthcare data visualizations, and I ended up with the dashboard below. 


See Dashboard.



I learned through this process about how to use AWS with Tableau. Also, I learned how to convert deeply nested json files into pandas dataframes and csv files.  Last, I learned about some of the performance issues Tableau can have when the data gets too large. Working on this problem/project, I learned how important good data engineering is to having a fast and efficient dashboard. ​